New AC Trimmed Up

Tiny House AC Repair

Its always something…amirite? Well…the AC has given out.  Now, let me preface this by saying that the AC was a cheapo $100 Walmart wall unit I bought well over 2 years ago and it survived through all of the construction phase.  It was also never meant to cool this size of an area.

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While they say that a unit will cool “x” feet…they don’t mention it in Cubic (height x width x length) and only in sq feet (width x length).  They really should put cubic feet honestly since the total volume is far more important than the square footage.

So, our 5,000 BTU AC just couldn’t cope with the Florida weather, 3 bodies, in a 192 sq ft (with a 13 foot ceiling) area.  Unfortunately…we’re in Florida so September means that this is a high priority and needs to get fixed right now!

First up is removing the old unit….but wow, what a bear it was.  I had used a bunch of sealant around the original AC to keep it water tight and made sure that the framing around the unit was very tight….alas…this meant that removing it would take me half a day.

Tiny House AC Unit Hole

With the AC Unit removed I now had a bit mess inside the house but with temps/humidity in the low triple digits/high double digits…I had to keep going to get the Tiny House closed in and weather tight again.  I chiseled out the areas that needed it to make sure the new 6,000 BTU AC would fit.

Demo of AC Unit

We really wanted to upgrade to a unit with heating on top of the cooling but unfortunately…seeing as we’d just moved in…after finishing the race to finish the house….our savings was stretched far to thin to add extra expenses.  We did get a warranty on this one though and as a slightly larger unit it should be able to handle a little larger volume of space.  Here is the old one after it  met its untimely end at the end of my hammer:

AC Unit Removed

With the hard part over…we got the new one installed water sealed tight, trim work back up, trim work painted, and viola…..a new (slightly larger) AC unit installed with a warranty.  Here’s the rub though….I’m still using a window unit as a through wall unit.  I know there are issues with doing this but hopefully I can avoid them for a bit longer until we have more in savings.  Enjoy the wrap up pix below:

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