Five Flags RV Park

The Best RV Park!

When we first moved into the Five Flags RV Park we were parked on a grassy area and told that they’d be paving it soon.  As newbies to the RV/Tiny House lifestyle…we had no basis of comparison so were totally good with this.

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Our first week in we also experienced what I imagine most RV’ers deal with…horrible WiFi. The problem is, we’re a highly connected family and stream content on a regular basis.  It was a bit of a shock to the system.  However, we were also told that new commercial grade wi-fi was being installed shortly throughout the park.

We’re patient people so we were happy to wait. Plus the park is so beautiful and in such a great location that we were happy to give it a fair break.  Luckily for us we quickly got a much better wifi in the park (even if our in house connection wasn’t that great…more coming soon on our fix for that).  Then we started seeing the construction crews moving from lot to lot and getting things sorted for installing pavement.

This park is so truely unique that the better wifi, paved lots, trolley washer and drier areas, and all the extras are just bonuses.  The hosts and owners are welcoming and the long term residents are extremely courteous with tidy well kept lots.  Its like living in a gated community without all the hassle and expense.  Love living here!

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