Tiny House Christmas Lights

Its A Very Tiny Christmas

From the ChooChoo Tiny House…to you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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Its our first year in the tiny house and since we’re in basically the gated community of RV Parks everyone was adding Christmas lights to their rigs.  Heck one went so far as to have blow up Santa, reindeer, etc… I can only say that my son is enamored and I’m emasculated.

Time to get some decorations up.  Problem is we’re still in recovery mode after the move from months ago since we pushed pretty hard right before the move to make it work.  Meant we had to deplete our savings a bit more than we liked.  So this means we needed to do some cheap decorations.

I did a bit of noodling and opted to use the tiny house as my canvas with some lights.  However, most people are buying those fancy dancing LED lights with lots of designs and such.  Their expensive and even the best ones have poor reviews.  Me?  I just bought some cheap staked spot lights and put in a green light in one and a red in another.  Wrap it up with some string lights and its a little better than the Charlie Brown Christmas tree 😉

Merry Christmas all!

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