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Home Reserve Review

If you haven’t read our earlier review of the home reserve couch (here) then do so first.  After having had the couch for a year and a half I felt it was time to finally give it a proper review. In short…you can’t go wrong with this couch.  We have a toddler, an older son, a dog, and have moved with the couch.

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The basics are these: very customizable ordering process (fabric, colors, shapes, sizes), very inexpensive offerings, modular couch designs, and a 10 year no hassle warranty (more on that at the end).

In that time we have put the couch to the test.  All for the sake of our readers 😉 In truth we are just a normal family who uses a couch like any one else would.  We also abuse it just like any other family would.  We have been pleasantly surprised at how well a couch that cost less than $400 has held up to our abuse.

I’m going to attempt to remember all of the things that have happened to this poor couch.  Its been colored on with crayons

And with just a bit of cleaning from our toddler (we showed him how to clean his own mess) it wiped up without an issue with water and just a bit of upholstery cleaner:

The couch survived being moved into our Tiny House and survived when our Tiny House was moved across town with it inside it. After being moved into the Tiny House we’ve used it and abused it and its held up fantastically.  Since we are now down to 2 beds and I have an older son who sleeps over about once a month we had to have a place for him.  Luckily the Home Reserve couch works out just fine for that.

Our tot, and we adults have all had sick days on the couch:

A Bummer of a Sick Day

Our furry pup has gotten a bit muddy and decided the couch would make a good towel to dry off on.  No worries there.  For severe cases of cleaning the covers come off and are machine washable. We even got a chance to test out the warranty.  My lovely (and way more petite than me) wife pulled something out of the under couch storage and put the piece back on incorrectly:

Improperly Seated Piece

And then stepped on it to grab something from above the couch…and

Improperly Seated Piece Broken


I emailed home reserve on a Sunday and let them know the break was our fault but needed to order a new part.  They emailed back that night saying they’d get it out at no charge.  Not only that but they’d overnight it.  By Tuesday morning we had the new part in.

New Home Reserve Piece

WOW! Fantastic support from Home Reserve.  As you can imagine from the tone of this post, we love our couch.  We’d buy it again in a heart beat.  At less than $400 shipped it was a fantastic buy for the Choo Choo Tiny House!

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  1. Hi – Do you feel like the seat is shallow (in terms of front of the seat to cushions)? We have purchased one piece of the sectional, and it seems shallow, which has kept us from purchasing more pieces. Maybe it won’t be an issue once there is more space side to side… curious of your opinion – thanks!

    • Sorry for not replying sooner. If compared to a deep set couch like you’d buy at most furniture stores then definately. Its a lot shallower than our previous couch…but honestly we went out looking for that. We wanted something that would fit in our Tiny House and also felt that the deeper couch just ended up being uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. I think couches are a lot like beds in that the choice to use one or another is a very personal one….I just wish they weren’t so expensive to try new options 😉 All in all we’re happy with our couch from Home Reserve and will probably continue to buy them in the future since we dig the shallower (and cheaper 😉 couches. That plus their response when we had an issue made us life long customers. But it sounds like if you want a deeper couch…their line up probably wouldn’t be super helpful unless you did the modular ones they have.

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