Downstairs Bedroom Trim Complete

Under Loft Trim Work

Now that I’m 100% sure that the house will tow fine its time to get this Tiny House finished!  Time to finish up the loft area so I can start working on the bits underneath it without worrying about having to navigate around all of the soon to be obstacles.  While the pictures in my Continue reading

Window Trim after 3 Coats of Paint & 2 Coats of Primer

Exterior Window Trim

Early on in the build I’d knocked out the window trim.  The problem…I didn’t know how to do trim work yet.  If I’d paid a bit more attention to the training in this Tiny House online course early on I’d have saved myself the trouble.  But instead I’d made some best guesses and then did Continue reading

Step by Step Interior Window Trim

Interior Window Trim Work

The interior of the house is now coming together.  It always strikes me as funny that a bit of trim work can really make a house’s look (even unpainted) start to pop.  I have spent the past week cleaning out the excess foam insulation that surrounds the windows, picking out any staples and nails, and Continue reading

Trim Work Over Insulation on Tiny House Wheel Well

Wheel Well Prep & Trim

With the holiday’s over its time to prep the wheel wells and then on to finishing the sanding needed in the house before painting. Before I enclosed the wheel wells I decided to do something I’d not done earlier…..I opened up the wheel wells and waterproofed them.  If you are just starting off on your Continue reading

Tiny House Electrical Trim

Electrical Inlet Cable Enclosure

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sanding and doing other interior prep work.  I first had to knock out the box I’ve been planning to build around the incoming electrical cable.  The cable goes from the 50 Amp RV plug to the electrical box but it juts out a bit. This entire area will Continue reading

Tiny House Floating Loft

Tiny House Floating Loft

If you’ve been following along in the blog, on my Facebook page, or on my YouTube Channel you know that initially I’d had just a standard loft design that most tiny houses have.  It was big enough for a queen bed and was over the downstairs bed room and bathroom.  However, after looking at the potential Continue reading

Tiny house loft Framing Complete

Tiny House Stairs….Retrofit

My wife and I looked at the future and living in the tiny house and decided we wouldn’t be happy with the ladder that typically goes with a Tiny House.  We don’t think we’re too good for a ladder, it just wouldn’t work with our lifestyle.  Why? We have a toddler and the chance of Continue reading