Tiny House RV Tub Skirt being installed

Plumbing Leak + New Tub Install

A few days ago as I pulled up to the tiny house and my headlights shone on the front I noticed noticed some water coming down the trailer frame.  As I approached I noticed it was only a trickle but since it hadn’t rained recently my fears quickly escalated. I knew that behind the wall Continue reading

Trimming around round bathtub

Finishing Bathtub Install

****Update – Months later I replaced this tub **** As I’d mentioned in this post I probably wouldn’t do this type of tub again if I had known what a pain it is.  You can read a bit more about that here.  I’d seen a few posts of other Tiny Housers and people who’d done Continue reading

Tiny House Undercounter Fridge/Freezer

Tiny House Refrigerator

The new refrigerator/freezer came in today.  Since my wife is a chef (I like to brag about that a lot) and she prepares almost all of our meals from scratch we needed something that could hold quite a bit of food while keeping the required space to a minimum.  Unfortunately this left out refrigerator/freezer combos Continue reading

tiny house drainage plumbing

Sewage Drain Lines

The time pinch is real.  I’ve been working on the tiny house for just over 2 years and its time to wrap it up.  Since I still have a full time job and full time family I needed to offload some of the final work I had remaining.  The outgoing plumbing is a part that Continue reading

Tiny House Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop & Bathroom Video

I am in the middle of working on several parts of the house so I stopped to take a video of my progression. I finished up adding the countertop to the tiny house kitchen cabinets that I walked through in the linked post. I picked out my stove, a 22″ Atwood RV stove.  As far Continue reading

Tiny Home Alternative Bathtub

Tub Rough In

Let me preface this by being completely honest about something as I’m writing this after having used this tub for 6 months…I wouldn’t go this route again.  A horse trough tub sounds interesting….but it would have been far easier and more practical to have just bought a RV tub and framed that out. In fact Continue reading

Tiny House Electrical Trim

Electrical Inlet Cable Enclosure

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sanding and doing other interior prep work.  I first had to knock out the box I’ve been planning to build around the incoming electrical cable.  The cable goes from the 50 Amp RV plug to the electrical box but it juts out a bit. This entire area will Continue reading

Tiny House RV Plug, Water, & Cable

Exhaust Vent + Cable

As I get closer to finishing the installation of the insulation and the beginning of the interior wall paneling I needed to wrap up a couple of loose ends.  No, not in the Carlito’s Way sort of loose end.  I mean as in  the needing to finish the last of the items that go within Continue reading

Propane Hot Water Heater & Tanks

Propane & Water Heater

As I finish any of the utilities within the walls so that I can insulate and  put wood paneling on the walls I am now onto running the tiny house propane lines.  Since my wife is a chef she wants…i.e. requires a gas stove/oven.  We’re also doing an instant hot water heater.  Both will be Continue reading

Delta Bath Cartridge Pex Rough In

Incoming Plumbing

I’ve done the plumbing in starts and fits as I’ve built.  Prior to this build I never realized that when building a house every step along the way is a multifaceted event. For instance, if a plumber was working on a new house they wouldn’t just come out one or two times, they might be Continue reading