40 - Tiny Home RV Wired Electrical Panel Test

Tiny House Electrical

The first half of this year I spent a large part of my time studying and preparing for some of the most complex parts of this tiny house build; Electrical, Plumbing, and running Propane lines.  Like any research I went back and forth, changed designs, and got frustrated.  I started with plans of the tiny Continue reading

Tiny House Security

Call me paranoid.  Call me crazy. Call me whatever you’d like, but I’d prefer to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to the house I’m building. I’ve made sure its frame is strong, its trailer is solid, and its walls are straight, but what good is any of that if someone can hook Continue reading

Tiny House Appliance Shopping

Someone Went Shopping!

So this past week I’ve been preparing for a few major events in the tiny house project, plumbing and electrical. I’ve done a lot of research as I was planning on doing both myself. I watched the Tiny House Video Tutorials that outline some plumbing and a lot of electrical installation ideas. However, since my Continue reading

Tiny House Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning and Wheel Wells Sealed in

I realized that since I’m about to put siding on the house in the next month or two I need to get things installed that will be poking out.  I don’t have to do this for everything but big items like the AC would be easier done now rather than later. I went back and Continue reading