Tiny House With A Red Door

Roof & Door Painted

Over this build I’ve had to teach myself through lots of study, a bit of frustration, and more study how to do almost every aspect of the build.  I started by studying the coursework here (fantastic resource if you are building a tiny house) then I moved on to books, youtube videos, and blogs like Continue reading

Tiny House Exterior Trim Work Finished 3

Exterior Trim Painting

This post won’t be super heavy on text and instruction as its basically a repeat of the second part of my last post where I laid out how to paint the trim work.  Painting trim work is a pretty rewarding experience as it means that a major part of a project is nearing completion. That and Continue reading

Window Trim after 3 Coats of Paint & 2 Coats of Primer

Exterior Window Trim

Early on in the build I’d knocked out the window trim.  The problem…I didn’t know how to do trim work yet.  If I’d paid a bit more attention to the training in this Tiny House online course early on I’d have saved myself the trouble.  But instead I’d made some best guesses and then did Continue reading

Trim Work Over Insulation on Tiny House Wheel Well

Wheel Well Prep & Trim

With the holiday’s over its time to prep the wheel wells and then on to finishing the sanding needed in the house before painting. Before I enclosed the wheel wells I decided to do something I’d not done earlier…..I opened up the wheel wells and waterproofed them.  If you are just starting off on your Continue reading

Tiny House RV Plug, Water, & Cable

Exhaust Vent + Cable

As I get closer to finishing the installation of the insulation and the beginning of the interior wall paneling I needed to wrap up a couple of loose ends.  No, not in the Carlito’s Way sort of loose end.  I mean as in  the needing to finish the last of the items that go within Continue reading

Siding All Around

Over the past month I’ve been steadily chugging away at siding the house in the relatively short amount of time I now have available to me.  Basically I get 3/4th a Saturday and 1/2 a Sunday each week that its not raining.  Doesn’t leave a ton of time but I’m making due.  In the past Continue reading

Under Window Siding - After Clipping in

Prepping The House for Siding

As I mentioned in the previous post I mentioned that I am now back on the wagon and will be posting regularly again. This time around I’m focusing on getting the tar paper of my tiny house covered up with siding.  My neighbors haven’t said anything, but I’m betting they’d like looking at a completed Continue reading

Tiny House Prepped for Siding 2

Fascia, Drip Edge, And Furring Strips

So after some storms, a trip, and a bunch of laziness out of the way I’m back to working.  I’m starting on the Roofing first and then I’ll knock out the siding.  The goal being that I’d like my neighbors to like looking at the Tiny House I currently have parked in my yard 😉 Continue reading

Waterproofing Window Sill

The Dreaded Tiny House Door and Losing One’s Way

A Tiny House is honestly not that difficult to build.  Just takes time, a bit of money, lots of research, patience, and the ability to motivate yourself to keep going.  The door was my downfall.  Over a period of about a month I let this door beat me down. You see when it comes to Continue reading

Tiny House Tar Paper Completed

Tiny House Tar Paper

I did a lot of studying on Tyvek house wrap versus Tar Paper and decided to go with Tar Paper for more than a few reasons: Smaller houses build up moisture very quickly and need to breath.  Tar paper makes this easier while still being water resistant.  This is actually what people used before Tyvek Continue reading