tiny house bracket system

Attaching Trailer to Tiny House

Promotion at work, massive amounts of rain, and loads of trips means I didn’t get nearly as much time as I’d hoped I’d have had to work on the tiny house.  On the plus side…..I was able to take that time to work on a very important (and earlier missed) step…..properly attaching the Tiny House Continue reading

Tiny House Roof Sheathing Commences

The roof sheathing for the Choo Choo Tiny House wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  It was far less painful than the walls.  For the walls I used almost full sheets.  For the Roof I decided to break up the panels.  The tiny house building training videos and eWorkshops here have plenty Continue reading

Tiny House Sheathing with Ridge Beam

Tiny House Wall Sheathing

Framing done and double checked for errors. This took a lot longer than I’d expected it to.  I had to rip out all the framing members from an entire section (each long wall was put up in 3 sections) due to it being a bit sloppy.  I ended up having to do it twice because Continue reading

Tiny House Framing

Tiny House Wall Framing

Can we say framing party?  On March 22nd 2014 my wife and I invited over 6-7 people and had a good ol fashion framing party.  A couple of the people who came out went above and beyond the call of duty to help.  One of my co-workers stayed for nearly 10 hours to help me Continue reading

Tiny House Framing Plans Online

Choo Choo Tiny House Plans

The plans are nearly done.  I’m going to recheck everything according to the original plans to make sure that with all my modifications I didn’t miss something but the house’s final design will be something like this.  Once done I’ll go through a video presentation about the why of the plan selection.  Plans were purchased Continue reading

Delivery of Wood For Tiny House Frame

Wood Delivery and First Cuts!

The wood for the frame has arrived. $644 in wood doesn’t look like much but this $644 is enough for the entire house and roof framing. Sheathing is going to be delivered in two weeks just before the walls go up. That’ll only be another $325. Then if I can still get the corrugated metal Continue reading