Tiny Home Wood Paneling Trim

Covering Paneling Seams

In my previous post I highlighted the finishing of hanging the wall paneling.  When I did the wall paneling I left gaps in between the sheets of plywood all over the place on purpose.  I knew I’d be covering it up with something. There are a couple of different routes you could go.  I chose Continue reading

Bathroom Paneling Done

Interior Paneling

I finally feel like I’m in the home stretch.  I also know that this is a lie. Early on I naively thought I’d be done with the tiny house in just 6 months.  By the time I’m done it’ll have been 2 years.  Unfortunately most of that is due to me having such a busy Continue reading

Tiny House Floating Loft

Tiny House Floating Loft

If you’ve been following along in the blog, on my Facebook page, or on my YouTube Channel you know that initially I’d had just a standard loft design that most tiny houses have.  It was big enough for a queen bed and was over the downstairs bed room and bathroom.  However, after looking at the potential Continue reading

Insulated Tiny House Loft

Tiny House Insulation

Insulating a house with rolled bat insulation is a pretty straight forward gig….except if you have your studs at anything other than the standard 16″/24″ widths (insulation is sold in only 15″ and 23″ widths).  As this build has progressed I’ve come to appreciate the job of contractors and architects even more than I did Continue reading

Tiny house loft Framing Complete

Tiny House Stairs….Retrofit

My wife and I looked at the future and living in the tiny house and decided we wouldn’t be happy with the ladder that typically goes with a Tiny House.  We don’t think we’re too good for a ladder, it just wouldn’t work with our lifestyle.  Why? We have a toddler and the chance of Continue reading

Laminated Flooring

Flooring Update

My son was over this past two weeks and I needed to give him something to do.  So I figured I’d start preparing the subfloor for the flooring.  First up was getting the squeaks out of the flooring.  The problem being that when I installed my subfloor I was in a hurry due to the Continue reading

Tiny House Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning and Wheel Wells Sealed in

I realized that since I’m about to put siding on the house in the next month or two I need to get things installed that will be poking out.  I don’t have to do this for everything but big items like the AC would be easier done now rather than later. I went back and Continue reading

Laminated Flooring 2

Laminated Flooring – Check!

I picked up the laminated flooring On 7/19.  Got a great deal as it was on sale.  The total cost of everything was $330 bucks for everything I need to finish the floor (tools, glue, underlayment, and laminated flooring). Since laminated flooring doesn’t play as well in a wet environment like the bathroom I’ll be Continue reading