tiny house fridge platform extension

New Tiny House Fridge

Over the past 7 months of living in the tiny house there are a few things that we’ve noticed that need improvement.  The tub I’d built isn’t ideal for a couple of reasons (more on that when I get it fixed up), the hot water heater leaves a bit to be desired because it isn’t Continue reading

Five Flags RV Park

Moving Day

Today was the big day….moving day.  I’d prepped the house the same way I did when I’d performed the test move.  Thinks like making sure the tires were properly inflated, the ceiling fans were secure, and in general that everything was ready to be towed.  The last time that I’d done the test I’d called Continue reading

Tiny House Undercounter Fridge/Freezer

Tiny House Refrigerator

The new refrigerator/freezer came in today.  Since my wife is a chef (I like to brag about that a lot) and she prepares almost all of our meals from scratch we needed something that could hold quite a bit of food while keeping the required space to a minimum.  Unfortunately this left out refrigerator/freezer combos Continue reading

Tiny House Towing

Tiny House Test Tow

This might be a bit weird…but as I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts before I am a bit paranoid. I over engineer items that might not need it, studied for months in prep of electrical and plumbing, and took to forums for parts of the build that some might be able to handle without Continue reading

Home Reserve Couch Completed

Home Reserve Couch

Read our review after we’ve used this couch for a year and a half. Hint, its still fantastic and we’ve had everything from crayon writing on it, a dirty dog rolling on it, and our first use of the amazing warranty. We interrupt this Tiny House build with an important message regarding the couch we’ll Continue reading

Tiny House Insurance

When it comes to protecting something I’ve put so much love, hard work….and money into I’ve been a bit dismayed at my lack of options (and will be more so once the house is fully done and we are living it in).  A few months ago I saw something about Tiny House Insurance but it Continue reading

Tiny House Security

Call me paranoid.  Call me crazy. Call me whatever you’d like, but I’d prefer to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to the house I’m building. I’ve made sure its frame is strong, its trailer is solid, and its walls are straight, but what good is any of that if someone can hook Continue reading

Dog Ate My Homework

Getting Back On The Wagon

My dog ate my homework.  Aliens abducted me. Someone stole my shirt.  I didn’t know.  Pick any one of those and they’ll be just as valid an excuse as my reasons for not working on the house this past 6 months.  It started with some delays in me trying to figure out things (plumbing, flooring, Continue reading

Tiny House Appliance Shopping

Someone Went Shopping!

So this past week I’ve been preparing for a few major events in the tiny house project, plumbing and electrical. I’ve done a lot of research as I was planning on doing both myself. I watched the Tiny House Video Tutorials that outline some plumbing and a lot of electrical installation ideas. However, since my Continue reading

Tiny House Insurance

Tiny House Insurance

Tiny house insurance seems to have become the mythical Big Foot or in the case of a tiny home builder the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  On the one hand I can understand Insurance companies’ hesitance when providing insurance to tiny home builders who’ve built their own homes…on wheels.  On the Continue reading