16 foot Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Flooring Plan Ideas, Inspirations, & Furniture Planning

I don’t have any updates right now as work has been a bit hectic but have a few things to show off: If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to do some floor plan layouts you could do worse than the MagicPlan app for the iPhone or Android —>here.  It’s a nifty Continue reading


The Tiny House Hipster

For those who know me they’ll know that I’m borderline hipster already. For those who don’t, enjoy this funny graphic to make you feel better about the kind of Tiny Home Owner you are!  (click here or here for a larger image)

Tiny House Dish Drain Cabinet

11 Tiny House Space Saving Ideas

As I get closer to getting the framing done I’m already looking forward to interior design ideas to help increase the livability of the Tiny House with space saving ideas.  For one thing I’ll be building a customized Ofuro Tub out of a horse trough I found on Amazon.  The tubs are deep, small, easy Continue reading

Mikita Miter Saw

What Kind of Tools am I using?

I researched tools heavily before I started on this journey.  I dug into building tutorials, training materials for home builders, spoke to contractors, and read tons of reviews on products.  When researching and buying I was concerned with price, fellow customer reviews, and how well they’d help me in building as fast as possible.  I’m Continue reading

Building A Tiny House Without A Truck

Tiny House…Tiny Car

Just because I’m building a Tiny House doesn’t mean I’m at all prepared to haul the thing. I had it driven here and dropped off by a friend.  My wife and I currently own two Kia’s but once we move we’ll be selling the older one and getting an older 2 ton truck in case Continue reading