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Moving Day

Today was the big day….moving day.  I’d prepped the house the same way I did when I’d performed the test move.  Thinks like making sure the tires were properly inflated, the ceiling fans were secure, and in general that everything was ready to be towed.  The last time that I’d done the test I’d called Continue reading

Tiny House Towing

Tiny House Test Tow

This might be a bit weird…but as I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts before I am a bit paranoid. I over engineer items that might not need it, studied for months in prep of electrical and plumbing, and took to forums for parts of the build that some might be able to handle without Continue reading

tiny house bracket system

Attaching Trailer to Tiny House

Promotion at work, massive amounts of rain, and loads of trips means I didn’t get nearly as much time as I’d hoped I’d have had to work on the tiny house.  On the plus side…..I was able to take that time to work on a very important (and earlier missed) step…..properly attaching the Tiny House Continue reading

Tiny House Security

Call me paranoid.  Call me crazy. Call me whatever you’d like, but I’d prefer to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to the house I’m building. I’ve made sure its frame is strong, its trailer is solid, and its walls are straight, but what good is any of that if someone can hook Continue reading

Tiny House Trailer Jacks

How To – Add or Remove Leveling Jacks

I’m getting close to adding the siding and before I did that I wanted to do one check (that admittedly sounds paranoid). I wanted to check to make sure that the trailer’s frame and the house’s frame held up ok to life without the jacks. When I’d gotten the trailer I’d noticed that the trailer Continue reading

16 foot Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Flooring Plan Ideas, Inspirations, & Furniture Planning

I don’t have any updates right now as work has been a bit hectic but have a few things to show off: If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to do some floor plan layouts you could do worse than the MagicPlan app for the iPhone or Android —>here.  It’s a nifty Continue reading

Rake-Gable Metal Roof Trim

Roofing Update Number 1

If I’d had the money I’d have bought a complete roof system like they mention in this Tiny House eWorkshop.  However, I’m on a razor thin budget and a tight’ish timeline so saving for that is a no go.  Instead I’m working with Roofing materials that are a bit cobbled together.  I had to get Continue reading

Tiny House Sheathing Front View

Choo Choo Tiny House Plans Complete

I was lucky when I bought the plans from Tiny Home Builders.  It gave me a place to start.  The videos and training here were even more helpful.  However, since I’m building a 24 foot home rather than a 20 foot one like in the plans I had to rework quite a bit.  I also Continue reading

bottom sill attached to foundation

Exterior Subfloor/Trailer Attachment

***MAJOR UPDATE – The below subfloor attachment method is woefully inadequate.  Please review this updated post for more/better info! *** Now that the trailer is attached to the subfloor on the inside, the flashing is laid down, and the overhangs are covered up its time to attach the joists to the trailer’s steel beams. I Continue reading

Installing Tiny House Subfloor Flashing

Applying Flashing

Flashing is the bit that keeps out rodents and gives your trailer subframe a base to hold in the insulation. Metal Flashing comes in rolls from Home Depot or Lowes and is easy to unroll.  However, its full of sharp edges so gloves are a must and tin snips are a requirement if you want to Continue reading