Tiny House With A Red Door

Roof & Door Painted

Over this build I’ve had to teach myself through lots of study, a bit of frustration, and more study how to do almost every aspect of the build.  I started by studying the coursework here (fantastic resource if you are building a tiny house) then I moved on to books, youtube videos, and blogs like Continue reading


Painting A Rusted Roof

I got my Tiny House Roof Panels from a friend for free.  I knew that I’d be painting them.  If I had the time I’d do it all myself.  This is a great video for those who do. They also have more detail and images here. I’m going to be opting to get a professional Continue reading

Roof Install Done (painting to come)

Tiny House Metal Roof – Done

Big night.  Got a lot done.  The roof is now complete (minus a little bit of caulking in some old holes the previous roof owner had made and sanding/painting). However, it’s structurally a sound roof now!  Took a lot of doing but it got there in the end.  Started with a drive to get the Continue reading

Tiny House metal Roof 3

Roofing Update 2 (Almost Done!)

When you get really close to completing a major portion of any type of work you get that nervous anxiety about every detail.  I’ve had that for a couple of days now trying to get this roof finished.  It is now about 90% done.  The ridge cap, foam closure strips along the top, transition ridge Continue reading

Rake-Gable Metal Roof Trim

Roofing Update Number 1

If I’d had the money I’d have bought a complete roof system like they mention in this Tiny House eWorkshop.  However, I’m on a razor thin budget and a tight’ish timeline so saving for that is a no go.  Instead I’m working with Roofing materials that are a bit cobbled together.  I had to get Continue reading

Propping Roof Panel Up To Slide Into Place

Tiny House Corrugated Roofing Panels

I got lucky early on in hearing from a friend that he had some free roofing panels at his family’s farm. We picked them up a couple of months ago and they’ve been sitting in the yard ever since.  Now that the fascia, drip edge, and furring strips are done (blog post before) its time Continue reading

Tiny House Roof Sheathing Details

Tiny House Roofing Details

The plans I bought outlined very well how it would all look.  If you look at some of my older posts you’ll see that the house is coming along exactly as I’d planned on it.  This is due to lots of studying.  I have read through several books by this point (I’ll post those later) and Continue reading

Tiny House Roof Sheathing Commences

The roof sheathing for the Choo Choo Tiny House wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  It was far less painful than the walls.  For the walls I used almost full sheets.  For the Roof I decided to break up the panels.  The tiny house building training videos and eWorkshops here have plenty Continue reading

Tiny House Update

Roof Overhang, Drip Edge Finishing Touches, and Etc…

I’m not a fan of the roof angles….I can’t stress that enough.  I’ve had to buy plenty of extra wood because of one simple fact.  I suck at getting these roof angles right.  I know now about tricks to make life easier, but alas, when I started I didn’t.  This hatred of roof angles carried Continue reading

Free Tiny House Roof Panels

Free Tiny House Metal Roofing Panels Check!

Metal roofing material…check. Cost? One short drive to a friend’s farm and one long drive back going nice and slow with it strapped to the roof of my car. But got to tour the farm and had some great BBQ on the way back. Savings…$350. One of the biggest things I learned from this site is Continue reading