tiny house bracket system

Attaching Trailer to Tiny House

Promotion at work, massive amounts of rain, and loads of trips means I didn’t get nearly as much time as I’d hoped I’d have had to work on the tiny house.  On the plus side…..I was able to take that time to work on a very important (and earlier missed) step…..properly attaching the Tiny House Continue reading

Protecting Tiny House Subfloor From Rain 2


This process was fairly grueling since it showed little to no actual movement.  In one month I’m basically left with a very structurally sound…flat trailer 😉  However, its now done and it taught me some great lessons.  Since I’ll have a few weeks before I can get back to the build (for money and time Continue reading

Best House Framing Book

Mistakes…Learn From Them

Mistakes are a thing where you can learn from them or let them sink you. If mistakes are a learning experience then I got a lot of learning experiences out of the subfloor. Attention to detail is usually my strong suit but I found out that it wasn’t enough to miss a couple of key Continue reading

Insulating Tiny House Subfloor

Preparing to Sheath the Subfloor

I initially thought I’d go with OSB for the subfloor but got talked out of it… I kind of wish I’d ignored the advice due to the problems I’ve had with the plywood delaminating. However, I’ll have a stronger floor because of using the Plywood. I opted for a 23/32 (3/4″) plywood which will give Continue reading

bottom sill attached to foundation

Exterior Subfloor/Trailer Attachment

***MAJOR UPDATE – The below subfloor attachment method is woefully inadequate.  Please review this updated post for more/better info! *** Now that the trailer is attached to the subfloor on the inside, the flashing is laid down, and the overhangs are covered up its time to attach the joists to the trailer’s steel beams. I Continue reading

Tiny House OverHang


Under the overhangs….I know I know….need to be sealed up from the bottom now.  The parts of the subfloor frame that overhang the trailer need to be sealed up to keep out rodents and to some extent moisture.  They also need to be sealed up so I have a place to put the insulation. I’m Continue reading

Tiny house subfloor frame

Sub Floor Framing…don’t lose motivation

Ask any contractor and they’ll tell you that building subfloors is boring, tedious, and lacks any oomph when a client sees the finished product. The same feeling has pervaded this build while I’m doing the sub floor.  Its tedious, time consuming work with very little to show for what I’ve done.  Zero upward progression.  When Continue reading

Installing Tiny House Subfloor Flashing

Applying Flashing

Flashing is the bit that keeps out rodents and gives your trailer subframe a base to hold in the insulation. Metal Flashing comes in rolls from Home Depot or Lowes and is easy to unroll.  However, its full of sharp edges so gloves are a must and tin snips are a requirement if you want to Continue reading

Prepping for Trailer Sub Frame Attachment

SubFloor Framing Build Day 2

Today is all about attaching the sub floor frame that was built to the trailer.  This is only step one of attaching the subfloor frame to the trailer.  In this one I’m connecting the joists in multiple locations to the wood beams that are attached to the trailer.  The next step (covered later) will be Continue reading

Tiny house subfloor frame

Subfloor Framing Tips

When starting day 2 of the subfloor framing I’ve got some tips in the video section.  Remember to hit up the tutorials section here for more details than I can or want to provide in this blog.