Tiny House Christmas Lights

Its A Very Tiny Christmas

From the ChooChoo Tiny House…to you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Its our first year in the tiny house and since we’re in basically the gated community of RV Parks everyone was adding Christmas lights to their rigs.  Heck one went so far as to have blow up Santa, reindeer, etc… I can only say that my son Continue reading

Five Flags RV Park

The Best RV Park!

When we first moved into the Five Flags RV Park we were parked on a grassy area and told that they’d be paving it soon.  As newbies to the RV/Tiny House lifestyle…we had no basis of comparison so were totally good with this. Our first week in we also experienced what I imagine most RV’ers Continue reading

Dining Outside The Tiny House

Living The Tiny House Life

As we venture into this new chapter in our lives we are finding our way and building our routines.  Luckily we’re also having a great time while we do it.  Lets get this first part straight…if you are dreaming of the tiny house life…but cant stand your significant other, don’t like doing things outdoors, or Continue reading

Living Room Curtain Panel

Moving In

First month in the tiny house…check!  We are a bit different than the typical Tiny Houser’s (at least the ones from a certain reality TV show) in that we never really had anything that we were terribly attached to that we couldn’t get rid of.  When it came time to move in we ended up Continue reading