Tiny House RV Tub Skirt being installed

Plumbing Leak + New Tub Install

A few days ago as I pulled up to the tiny house and my headlights shone on the front I noticed noticed some water coming down the trailer frame.  As I approached I noticed it was only a trickle but since it hadn’t rained recently my fears quickly escalated. I knew that behind the wall Continue reading

tiny house fridge platform extension

New Tiny House Fridge

Over the past 7 months of living in the tiny house there are a few things that we’ve noticed that need improvement.  The tub I’d built isn’t ideal for a couple of reasons (more on that when I get it fixed up), the hot water heater leaves a bit to be desired because it isn’t Continue reading

Tiny House WiFi Repeater

Tiny House WiFi Upgrade Complete!

After having been in the Tiny House for a bit there is one thing that still isn’t up to par….the WiFi….wow it sucks.  Initially we’d thought it was because the park’s WiFi hadn’t been upgraded yet.  Once it had we lost that as our reason to blame for our WiFi not working right. We know Continue reading

Five Flags RV Park

The Best RV Park!

When we first moved into the Five Flags RV Park we were parked on a grassy area and told that they’d be paving it soon.  As newbies to the RV/Tiny House lifestyle…we had no basis of comparison so were totally good with this. Our first week in we also experienced what I imagine most RV’ers Continue reading

New AC Trimmed Up

Tiny House AC Repair

Its always something…amirite? Well…the AC has given out.  Now, let me preface this by saying that the AC was a cheapo $100 Walmart wall unit I bought well over 2 years ago and it survived through all of the construction phase.  It was also never meant to cool this size of an area. While they Continue reading

Living Room Curtain Panel

Moving In

First month in the tiny house…check!  We are a bit different than the typical Tiny Houser’s (at least the ones from a certain reality TV show) in that we never really had anything that we were terribly attached to that we couldn’t get rid of.  When it came time to move in we ended up Continue reading