All Tiny House Plans

Below you’ll find the best and largest compilation of Tiny House Plans on the internet with 41 Tiny House Plans! I have:

8 plans under $100
22 plans from $101-$200
5 plans from $201-$300
4 plans from $301-$500
2 plans from $501-$800

There are simple PDF plans, printed plans, detailed PDF plans, entire training packages, sketchup files, and loads of videos and training materials. From small 8 foot long Tiny Houses to 32 foot Monster Tiny Houses I’ve got eery size below. Read the details and find a set of plans that will work for your build.

The sub $100 plans are good to get your feet wet. To further whet your appetite any of the plans under $200 offer a fantastic deal, and once you are serious about getting in to the build, the featured plans below will give you the best possible plans to build a solid tiny house. If you are looking for anything else, regardless of the size, scope, and requirements of your dream Tiny House…I’ve got you covered.


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