Tiny Home Builder Plans

Hi, I’m Dan Louche and I began building tiny houses back in 2009 when I built my first one for my mom. At that time, the house she was living in was falling apart and becoming unlivable, so I knew I had to find her alternative housing. After researching various options I discovered the tiny house movement and realized that it was the perfect solution for her.

Tiny houses can be constructed to very high standards and still be affordable. Since they are smaller, they require substantially less materials to construct compared to conventional homes. This results in lower costs and a lot less effort to build. Tiny houses can also be moved very easily. This is perfect to handle any changes that life may throw at you. Finally, living in a tiny house leads to a much simpler lifestyle, with a focus more on what’s truly important and less on belongings.

Since building that first house we have helped countless others achieve similar goals and dreams. Please take a moment to look around, we’d love to help you as well.

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