Tiny House Training

Whether its ebooks, videos, conferences, events, DVD’s, PDF walkthroughs, books I used personally in building the ChooChoo Tiny House, eCourses, Workshops, consultations, YouTube pages I think offer great insight, or just help on how to down size your life…This page has it all.

Start with the free resources I used throughout the build to see what you are getting yourself into, view my videos on YouTube (link in the upper right of the page), and then explore the eBooks. Once you get serious the Video series and eCourses are fantastic options. Finally, when you are ready to build check out the books I used and attend an event near you. They are a great resource for those who are ready to commit.

Most importantly, remember that well before you buy your trailer and supplies, spending your time training and fine tuning your plan is the best use of your time! Go Build A House!

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