Build a Tiny House for $5,000

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We created a system to Build a Tiny House for Cheap! Get Tiny House Plans… PLUS our Books & Floor Plans. In addition we’ll show you how to get sponsors to pay for most of your tiny house build!  This is Jam-Packed with Value! Details of what you get if you scroll down a bit.

Even if you’ve already finished your Tiny House Build….Need Some New Windows? How About Solar Panels? No Problem, Sponsormatic Can Help You Get Thousands in Materials… Even things you haven’t thought about yet… Start Building in as Little as TWO WEEKS! All with ZERO Experience, ZERO Writing Skills and ZERO Headaches…!

Click the button below and for the cost of a night at the movies you’ll learn how to save 75% off the cost of building a Tiny House! 

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What do you get?

  • Get Tiny House Sponsors eBook
  • Tiny House Build Plans eBook
  • A course on rookie mistakes to avoid killing a sponsor deal
  • Concept Pitch Flyer Templates
  • Common Business Term Reference Template
  • Sponsor Tracker Worksheet Template
  • Video Content for your Project Worksite
  • Sponsor Finder and Analysis Worksheet Template
  • Understand your motives course to help you land bigger sponsors
  • Project Concept, Forumla and Development Course
  • Build Project Concept and Pitch Essentials Course
  • Sample Pitch Letter
  • Mission Statement Worksheet
  • Sponsored Materials and List Worksheet
  • Over The Shoulder Video, Watch me Land the Sponsor
  • Create a Charity Drive Course
  • Report on 35 ways to show the value to sponsors
  • Tiny House Living Cost Calculator
  • Electricity and Off Grid Calculator
  • Step by Step Checklist

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