The Berneil Frame Only


This is the Frame only version of The Berneil. The main focus of the Berneil is to provide a variety of storage options. It features several recessed shelving units, floor-to-ceiling closets, and storage nooks, making it perfect for those that like to have a little more stuff.

• Plenty of storage space with recessed cabinets & floor-to-ceiling closets
• Comfortable, bright & functional living/dining area, kitchen and bathroom
• Cathedral ceiling & a cosy sleeping loft lit by a cute half-round window

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The Berneil has a 7′ by 18′ footprint and 170-square-feet of living space. Our main priority when designing this home was to create a variety of storage options for the occupant. The home also features a 7′ ceiling height throughout helping to create a spacious main floor.






7′ x 18′

House Height


Living Area

6′-3 x 9′-5″


6′-3″ x 5′-6″


6′-3″ x 2′

Ceiling Height – Kitchen



6′-3″ x 7-11″

Ceiling Height – Loft


Width @ Eaves


Total Area

170 sq ft

The kitchen features a 2-burner cook-top, sink and under-counter refrigerator. The partitions of the kitchen also contain recessed wall shelving units for the storage of smaller items like herbs, sauces, coffee, and tea. The kitchen also contains base cabinets, wall cabinets, and a drawer unit, helping to provide ample storage space for all your culinary needs.

Living Room
The entrance to the living area is flanked by two floor-to-ceiling closets which can be used for the storage of larger house hold items, as well as smaller personal belongings like books. The living room is naturally lit and ventilated by four windows (five if you include the door) and has space enough for two cosy armchairs, a fold-away table, and a stainless steel fireplace.

The bathroom is accessed by a bi-fold door at the rear of the kitchen. The bathroom contains a toilet, and shower with recessed cabinetry for the storage of essentials. A variety of toilet types can be installed, including standard, RV, compost, and incinerating toilet. The bathroom can also accommodate a small sink if necessary.

Sleeping Loft
The sleeping loft is capable of accommodating a queen size mattress and is lit by a half-round window. The loft is accessed by a set of ladders.

This tiny house can be built on a 18′ x 7′ utility trailer.