The Ernford


At just 14 feet in length, the Ernford is one of our tiniest tiny houses, but don’t let it’s size fool you, this house is extremely efficient in terms of design. By including a gambrel roof we were able to take advantage of the loft space.

• Effective design for maximising the efficiency of the internal layout
• Gambrel style roof increases the amount of available space in the loft
• Easier & more cost effective to transport and cheaper to build

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Living Room
The entry door leads directly into the living room and is flanked by two floor-to-ceiling closet/shelving units. The living area features two cosy armchairs, a mini gas fire heater and no less than four single-hung windows. This home also has space to include a wall-mounted folding table for (fine) dining. The Ernford also contains a partially vaulted ceiling over the living area, increasing the storage capacity of the loft.






6′-6″ x 14′

House Height


Living Area

5′-11″ x 7′-1″


5′-11″ x 4′-6″


2′ x 5′-11″

Ceiling Height


Loft Height



5′-11″ x 7′-11″

Width @ Eaves


Total Area

145 sq ft

The kitchen is compact but functional and features a 2-burner cook-top, a sink and an under-counter refrigerator. It also has wall cabinets, base cabinets, and shelving to cater for your storage needs. With three operable windows there’s no shortage of natural light and ventilation.

The most unusual feature of this tiny house is sandwiched between the living area and the kitchen – the bathroom! We placed the bathroom in the centre of the home to allow the kitchen to take full advantage of the gable end wall. A 2-foot-square shower can be installed and you have a variety of different toilet types (standard, RV, compost) which the home will be able to accommodate.

Sleeping/Storage Loft
One of the Ernfords best features is the loft. The barn style roof increases the amount of vertical and horizontal space, giving you a little more elbow room. It also has two half-round windows, space for a queen sized mattress and as previously mentioned, ample storage space.

This tiny house can be built on a either a 14′ x 6′ utility trailer, or a 14′ x 6′-6″ utility trailer.