The MPOD Modular House


The MPOD is a unique living space. Designed as a modular structure, it can be repeated over and over to create your perfect home. With super efficient framing techniques, the MPOD is highly-insulated, reducing the heating and overall build costs.

• Modular structure allows you to modify and create the home you want
• Unique framing techniques reduce cold bridging and enhance insulation
• Modest living space that can be adopted for a variety of uses

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House Plans


Why we created the MPOD?
We recognized the need to create a home that was both affordable, super-efficient, and flexible. The MPOD allows you to create the home you want, while also reducing your environmental impact (and your bills – yippee!).






10′ x 10′

Living Area

103 SF

Roof High Point


Width @ Eaves


Ceiling High Point


Ceiling Low Point


Key Features
• Designed to take advantage of solar gain
• Air-tight building envelope similar to a passive house
• Modest floor plan that can accommodate a variety of uses
• Advanced insulation methods mitigating areas of cold-bridging
• Flexible modular structure allows you to build it as you like
• Super efficient framing techniques that reduce the overall build costs

Whats Included?
• Details for insulated block foundation
• Annotated exterior elevations
• Construction framing Plans
• Cross-sections
• Details for timber Cuts
• Framing construction overview
• Details for doubling MPOD – On Side
• Details for doubling MPOD – On End
• Details for tripling MPOD
• Example floor plans
• Nailing schedule
• Timber cut list & sheathing list
• Minimum timber grades
• Construction notes, hints and tips
• Free support