The PB-63


At 16 feet in length, the PB-63 is a modest tiny house that doesn’t compromise on features. This house contains a vaulted ceiling, with an open-plan layout and plenty of windows to create a bright, comfortable home.

• Living room with operable windows, a cathedral ceiling & storage spaces
• Bright, functional kitchen with space for essential cooking applianes
• Spacious loft due to the roof pitch, naturally lit by picture windows

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Living Room
This house has a gable-end entrance, which leads directly into the living area. The living area is is flooded in natural light due to its 4 large sash windows (6 if you include the glazed door and loft window). There’s enough space to accommodate two arm chairs and a folding leaf table. Facing opposite the chairs are two windows and the home’s gas heater, a stainless steel fireplace.






7′ x 16′

House Height


Living Area

9′ x 6′-4″


4′-1″ x 6′-4″


2′ x 6′-4

Ceiling Height



7′-10″ x 6′-4″

Loft Height


Width @ Eaves


Total Area

153 sq ft

The entrance to the kitchen is flanked by two large closet/shelving units suitable for storing books, clothing etc. The kitchen itself is a modest, functional space with all the essentials – cabinets, cook-top, sink and a refrigerator. It also has some built-in storage for smaller items for like herbs and spices.

The bathroom contains enough space for all the necessaries: a shower, toilet, mirror, and built-in cabinetry. Like all our bathrooms, it contains a large window to provide a source of natural lighting. If required, a small sink can also be installed. Suitable toilet types include a standard toilet, an RV toilet, or a composting toilet.

Sleeping/Storage Loft
The loft is suitable for a queen-size mattress and has a large pentagon window to provide light during the day in the cosy sleeping space. The loft can be accessed by a ladder.

This tiny house can be built on a either a 16′ x 7′ utility trailer.