The Rooke + Porch Frame


This is the frame only version of the Rooke + Porch design. The Rooke tiny house features design techniques that take advantage of solar energy, and it’s large living spaces make it a good option for those that need a little more space. This version of the Rooke includes a 7 by 3-foot porch.

• Large, open-plan living spaces with a cathedral ceiling in the living room
• Efficient kitchen with a full-size stove, refrigerator, sink and storage
• Spacious sleeping loft with large operable slider windows

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Living Room
The Rooke House has a large living room featuring 2 floor-to-ceiling closet units and 2 shelving units, creating plenty of storage space. There’s also space for two armchairs and a folding leaf table. The living room houses the homes stainless steel fireplace, which is used to heat the home. If required, you can replace the two armchairs with a small sofa-bed to create an additional sleeping space.






7′-8″ x 23′

House Height


Living Area

7′ x 9′-7″


7′ x 11′


7′ x 2′-8″

Ceiling Height



7′ x 9′-9″

Loft Height


Width @ Eaves


Total Area

216 sq ft

The living room leads directly into the kitchen, which has a full-size gas stove, 4.5 cubic-foot refrigerator, kitchen sink, base and wall cabinets, drawers, and built-in storage for smaller items. There are plenty of worktop surfaces for food preparation, and windows to provide natural lighting during the day.

The bathroom is 32-inches wide (rather large for a tiny house) and contains all the usual fixtures and fittings you’d expect to find, including a shower, toilet and recessed cabinetry. You also have the option of installing a small sink if required.

Sleeping/Storage Loft
The loft is one of our most spacious sleeping lofts due to the low mono-pitch roof, allowing the walls to extend higher up, giving you that little bit of extra elbow space. It also has 4 operable windows to flood both the loft and the living area below with light, and can accommodate a queen-size mattress. The loft is accessed by a set of ladders.

This tiny house can be built on a either a 22′ x 7′-6″ utility trailer, or a 22′ x 7′ utility trailer.