Tiny Home Builders eWorkshop


This is the course I took before building the ChooChooTiny House so I can personally guarantee its quality.

Are you interested in learning how to build a tiny house without the expense and time commitment of an off-site workshop? Our eWorkshop allows you to learn at your own pace for as long as you need, all without the costs of traveling.

Follow along with Dan Louche as he builds and teaches you how to build a tiny house from beginning to end. Watch as he explains and demonstrates each step along the way.

Click the button below for more info and you’ll be well on your way to building your own home!

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The lessons are ordered and broken up into small, easy to learn segments. It’s like attending a workshop in your own house, that you can then attend again and again, as many times as you want. A question and answer forum is also provided with each lesson, allowing you to ask questions and interact with other users on each specific topic.

You’ll receive lifetime access to learning materials covering:

  • Details on Aquiring Materials and Supplies – 2 Courses
  • Tools – Drills and Drivers – 1 Course
  • Subflooring and Sheathing – 10 Courses
  • Wall Framing and Sheathing – 5 Courses
  • Roof Framing and Sheathing – 4 Courses
  • Drying In the House – 1 Course
  • Doors and Window Installation – 2 Courses
  • Exterior Siding Installation – 5 Courses
  • Roofing – 3 Courses
  • Electrical Rough In – 4 Courses
  • Plumbing Rough in – 3 Courses
  • Insulation – 1 Course
  • Interior Siding – 3 Courses
  • Interior Trim – 2 Courses
  • Flooring – 1 Course
  • Cabinets – 1 Course
  • Electrical – 5 Courses
  • Plumbing – 1 Course