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Chances are, if you’re on this page, you’ve already been thinking about simplifying and smart-sizing your life. Maybe you need that little nudge, that determined motivation, to get you started. Or maybe you just need some help figuring out “where the hell do I start?” I know it can seem like a daunting task to downsize your belongings, bills, and lifestyle.

My helpful, fun, and challenging step by step tasks will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time.

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  • 8 weeks of downsizing lessons and challenges (it’s like Downsizing bootcamp!)
  • LIFETIME access to the private class forum
  • Accountability, support, motivation and camaraderie from me and your classmates
  • The tools you need to simplify your home, mind, and LIFE starting right now.

This e-course is designed to help you go through the process I went through when transitioning from 4 large bedrooms (1200 sq ft) full of crap into a 100 square foot camper. Once a week, on a specified day, you will be emailed a course session to complete at your convenience before the next week.

You will have access to the other people doing the class with you in the form of a private community forum and group. This course is designed to jump-start the downsizing process with specific instructions (things I have done myself) and provide motivation in a helpful, supportive space.

During the e-course, you will explore your personal goals for downsizing your lifestyle, learn how to digitize your belongings, see which areas in your life are the best to start this process with, and practice fun and challenging exercises in order to de-clutter your home and your life, all while meeting and connecting with like-minded people on the same journey as you.