Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop



Are you ready to go tiny? Whether you’re just tiny-curious or ready to start building, this 2-day workshop will have you dreaming tiny and fully prepared to take the next steps that are right for you.

Our popular tiny house workshop will show you what’s possible and guide you through all your options. You’ll experience tiny house life through the stories of people who’ve done it; discover if you should build or buy; and network with tiny lifestylers just like you. Join us!

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Who should attend:

  • Tiny House enthusiasts
  • People who are “tiny-curious” and want to learn more
  • DIY Tiny Housers ready to build
  • Carpenters looking to zero in on this specialty construction
  • Future Tiny House owners, whether buying or building, who want to learn about the lifestyle
  • Minimalists
  • Alternative lifestyle enthusiasts

What you get:

  • The knowledge you’ll need to make your Tiny House decision
  • Step-by-step lessons from a Tumbleweed Instructor about building a Tumbleweed Tiny House RV
  • Stories of what to do (and what not to do) from real people who have built their own tinies
  • An illustrated How To workbook
  • Advice on Tiny House RV products and appliances
  • A chance to network with local Tiny House enthusiasts
  • Exclusive Tumbleweed product discounts
  • Tour a Tiny House RV
  • Discounts on any trailer or Tiny House you buy from Tumbleweed

What You’ll Learn:

  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Tiny House RV Design
  • Trailers 101
  • Framing and Sheathing
  • Roofing, Windows, Doors
  • Siding and Trim
  • Plumbing, electrical, heating, and lighting systems
  • Interior Finish
  • Downsizing