Roof Install Done (painting to come)

Tiny House Metal Roof – Done

Big night.  Got a lot done.  The roof is now complete (minus a little bit of caulking in some old holes the previous roof owner had made and sanding/painting). However, it’s structurally a sound roof now!  Took a lot of doing but it got there in the end.  Started with a drive to get the Continue reading

Laminated Flooring

Flooring Update

My son was over this past two weeks and I needed to give him something to do.  So I figured I’d start preparing the subfloor for the flooring.  First up was getting the squeaks out of the flooring.  The problem being that when I installed my subfloor I was in a hurry due to the Continue reading

Laminated Flooring 2

Laminated Flooring – Check!

I picked up the laminated flooring On 7/19.  Got a great deal as it was on sale.  The total cost of everything was $330 bucks for everything I need to finish the floor (tools, glue, underlayment, and laminated flooring). Since laminated flooring doesn’t play as well in a wet environment like the bathroom I’ll be Continue reading

Tiny House Update

Roof Overhang, Drip Edge Finishing Touches, and Etc…

I’m not a fan of the roof angles….I can’t stress that enough.  I’ve had to buy plenty of extra wood because of one simple fact.  I suck at getting these roof angles right.  I know now about tricks to make life easier, but alas, when I started I didn’t.  This hatred of roof angles carried Continue reading