tiny house drainage plumbing

Sewage Drain Lines

The time pinch is real.  I’ve been working on the tiny house for just over 2 years and its time to wrap it up.  Since I still have a full time job and full time family I needed to offload some of the final work I had remaining.  The outgoing plumbing is a part that Continue reading

Delta Bath Cartridge Pex Rough In

Incoming Plumbing

I’ve done the plumbing in starts and fits as I’ve built.  Prior to this build I never realized that when building a house every step along the way is a multifaceted event. For instance, if a plumber was working on a new house they wouldn’t just come out one or two times, they might be Continue reading

Tiny House Appliance Shopping

Someone Went Shopping!

So this past week I’ve been preparing for a few major events in the tiny house project, plumbing and electrical. I’ve done a lot of research as I was planning on doing both myself. I watched the Tiny House Video Tutorials that outline some plumbing and a lot of electrical installation ideas. However, since my Continue reading