Tiny House Roof Sheathing Details

Tiny House Roofing Details

The plans I bought outlined very well how it would all look.  If you look at some of my older posts you’ll see that the house is coming along exactly as I’d planned on it.  This is due to lots of studying.  I have read through several books by this point (I’ll post those later) and Continue reading

Tiny House Roof Framing 2

Tiny House Roof Framing

Roof framing done. At this point I’m a full day behind schedule but not horrible considering the monsoon rain storm all day yesterday, a full day eaten up fixing framing mistakes, and working by myself most days. Should have sheathing and tar paper done shortly. Windows and door will have to wait till next weekend as Continue reading

Tiny House Roof Rafters

Roof Rafter Cuts

Tonight I started the first cuts. I decided to start with the most difficult cuts because I just wanted them out of the way. The rafters are chock full of angles that are just plain difficult to work with for a newbie builder. Since I’ll be building the Frame and roof all in one weekend Continue reading