Siding All Around

Over the past month I’ve been steadily chugging away at siding the house in the relatively short amount of time I now have available to me.  Basically I get 3/4th a Saturday and 1/2 a Sunday each week that its not raining.  Doesn’t leave a ton of time but I’m making due.  In the past Continue reading

Under Window Siding - After Clipping in

Prepping The House for Siding

As I mentioned in the previous post I mentioned that I am now back on the wagon and will be posting regularly again. This time around I’m focusing on getting the tar paper of my tiny house covered up with siding.  My neighbors haven’t said anything, but I’m betting they’d like looking at a completed Continue reading


Painting A Rusted Roof

I got my Tiny House Roof Panels from a friend for free.  I knew that I’d be painting them.  If I had the time I’d do it all myself.  This is a great video for those who do. They also have more detail and images here. I’m going to be opting to get a professional Continue reading