Downstairs Bedroom Frame & Sliding Door

Bedroom Sliding Door

With the downstairs bedroom trim work all hammered out its time to move on to the sliding door.  If you didn’t catch where I learned how to do trim work, check out the training here for more details. One of the things I’ve known for awhile is that I didn’t want the doors leading into Continue reading

Step by Step Interior Window Trim

Interior Window Trim Work

The interior of the house is now coming together.  It always strikes me as funny that a bit of trim work can really make a house’s look (even unpainted) start to pop.  I have spent the past week cleaning out the excess foam insulation that surrounds the windows, picking out any staples and nails, and Continue reading

Tiny House Electrical Trim

Electrical Inlet Cable Enclosure

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sanding and doing other interior prep work.  I first had to knock out the box I’ve been planning to build around the incoming electrical cable.  The cable goes from the 50 Amp RV plug to the electrical box but it juts out a bit. This entire area will Continue reading

Tiny Home Wood Paneling Trim

Covering Paneling Seams

In my previous post I highlighted the finishing of hanging the wall paneling.  When I did the wall paneling I left gaps in between the sheets of plywood all over the place on purpose.  I knew I’d be covering it up with something. There are a couple of different routes you could go.  I chose Continue reading