Under Window Siding - After Clipping in

Prepping The House for Siding

As I mentioned in the previous post I mentioned that I am now back on the wagon and will be posting regularly again. This time around I’m focusing on getting the tar paper of my tiny house covered up with siding.  My neighbors haven’t said anything, but I’m betting they’d like looking at a completed Continue reading

Dog Ate My Homework

Getting Back On The Wagon

My dog ate my homework.  Aliens abducted me. Someone stole my shirt.  I didn’t know.  Pick any one of those and they’ll be just as valid an excuse as my reasons for not working on the house this past 6 months.  It started with some delays in me trying to figure out things (plumbing, flooring, Continue reading

Rake-Gable Metal Roof Trim

Roofing Update Number 1

If I’d had the money I’d have bought a complete roof system like they mention in this Tiny House eWorkshop.  However, I’m on a razor thin budget and a tight’ish timeline so saving for that is a no go.  Instead I’m working with Roofing materials that are a bit cobbled together.  I had to get Continue reading

Building A Tiny House Without A Truck

Tiny House…Tiny Car

Just because I’m building a Tiny House doesn’t mean I’m at all prepared to haul the thing. I had it driven here and dropped off by a friend.  My wife and I currently own two Kia’s but once we move we’ll be selling the older one and getting an older 2 ton truck in case Continue reading